Sound Off








Okay, people. I am more than a little pissed off over what happened in Benghazi. Whether you agree with our being there or not, you should be, too. Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty are true patriotic Americans who acted and died with honor. Their actions saved 20 lives and cost them theirs. Rest in peace, gentlemen. You died well. Now as to this administration and its beaurocrats who watched them die in real time, each one of you are nothing more than sniveling cowards. All you had to do was say go and those men would have lived. You brag about Osama but would not utter a word to save our men. You are all beneath contempt. You did not kill Osama. The SEALS did. Had you been there, your panties would have been soiled and Osama still alive. In closing, let me say a government that allows this to happen is a government not worth saving. You do not leave men behind to die.


Survival Tip of the Day: Bandages











Blood stopper bandages should be in your medic bag. They are used by our military medics to stop bleeding caused by traumatic wounds.

Personal Protection







Many people do not think of the .22 rimfire for personal protection. The main reason behind this is knock down power. With this in mind let’s take a look at why you may want to reconsider. Israeli Mossad, along with the mafia, used the .22 in target removal for many years. Mossad operatives used a semi-auto, could chamber a round, aim, and drop their target in around one second. Recently a Kentucky farmer killed a punk that broke into his home with one shot. The farmer was in his upper 80’s. I have killed a 300 pound hog with one well placed shot to the head. Size doesn’t always matter. It’s how you use it when talking fire arms. The following is a list of attributes for the .22 rimfire. One, cheap ammo = plenty of practice. Two, light ammo = more rounds per pound. Three, quieter ammo = less chance of drawing attention. Four, the bullets tend to┬áricochet and travel bone inside flesh and blood target. Five, the bullets break up when bouncing around all that bone = hard to trace back. At the very least, you may want to consider the .22 as a back up weapon.

What’s Up With That?









Recently a National Guard whistle blower revealed a worrisome fact. In the advent of wide spread unrest, the government intends to target preppers first and foremost. It’s said they will be looked at as terrorists. Most survivalists I know, including myself, intend to protect what’s ours, be it life or property the constitution talks about, but oh well. So, the government will overlook the punks causing the problem and go after those minding their own. Where exactly is it we live? What happened to America? What’s up with that?

Where To Go







Where will you go when the it hits the fan? Will you stay put or head for the hills? Is your retreat secure? These are just a few of the questions you need to ask yourself. Many of the folks I know plan on forting up in prepared locations. I prefer the wilderness for many reasons. First, I like the freedom of being able to move at a moments notice. Second, there is an abundance of food and natural medicine for the taking. Third, less human contact. I could give you more, but you get the point. Perhaps you need the security of four walls and a roof. That’s okay. Wherever you plan to hunker down, learn every nook, cranny, creak, pop, and blade of grass. It just might save your life.





In 2005, congress passed the Real I.D. Act, and George Bush signed it into law. This requires you to carry an I.D., complete with RFID chip when implemented. Louisiana, along with 26 other states, said, “no thanks.” In January, 2013, the feds intend to crack down on those who opted out. In Louisiana, we are being told that in order to enter a federal building, we will have to have a passport or the Real I.D. Well, there is a third option. Don’t enter a federal facility period. I am a free born, sovereign, citizen of United States birth, not a subject of the government. While there is life in my body, I will never, repeat never, be implanted with, nor carry any such item. If the government doesn’t like it, they can shove it! I will live free, fight hard, and die well!