Firearms 101








I am often asked what is the best firearm to have? To this, I usually answer, “the one at hand when you need it.” Seriously speaking, there are many variables involved in that choice, such as purpose, terrain, experience, and comfort. I may use a .22 for small game and plinking, a 12 gauge for in home defense, and nothing under a 30 caliber for my battle rifle. Ammo also needs to be considered. .22’s are light. Shotgun shells are heavy. How much can you carry? Can you cache weapons and ammo in multiple areas? Do you have a group? If so, use some calibers. We will continue this conversation later.











This nation is more divided than ever before. Our government is behind this, no doubt. But why, you may ask. Look no further than power and control. George Washington said, “government is not reason, it is a fearful servant and a dangerous master.” The internet is a buzz with talk of riots should Obama lose. Are you ready for that? If not, you need be. Think about worse case scenarios. Multiple cities on fire, murder, rape, and looting may be widespread. The government will enter the fray at some point declaring martial law. At this point you may have only one shot at escape and freedom. Perhaps I am being paranoid. On the other hand, I’ve done my homework and have reason to be. Folks, I don’t write this blog because of an incessant need to be heard. I write it in hope of helping good people survive bad situations. Hopefully you have heeded my advice and prepared. If not, do so this instant.

Fall Wilderness







Fall is my favorite time of the year. Brisk temperatures, falling leaves, and plenty of food – I love it! In my last trip to the wilderness, wild plums, pears, persimmons, and pecans were starting to drop. Sassafras bark and young roots were plentiful for a hot cup of tea. If you are a hunter, there were ducks, deer, wild hog, squirrel, and rabbits aplenty. There was even a nice slow rain falling. Hello fresh water! It sounds wonderful, but you’re stuck in the city. With just a little knowledge and practice you can find wild foods where you are. So, what are you waiting for? Get going!

Your Safe Haven










Okay , the it has hit the fan. Where will you go? Will you try and ride the storm out where you are? Will you bug out to another spot? Can you defend the site you choose? These are all things you need to think about now. If you are moving from one site to another, danger will be highest during the move. Groups, of course, have greater defense capabilities. Solo individuals may have stealth on their side. If you are smart, you will use both tactics no matter your number. The wilderness is my choice of safe haven, but I am more at home there than in the city. Some folks are terrified of the wilderness. Wherever you choose, start setting up defenses now.

What’s Up With That?








You have your group and supplies in place. Everything is good to go, except for the TMI syndrome. Someone within the group revealed the location of your base camp to a friend. The friend in turn told someone else, and so forth and so on. Best case, a few unexpected friends show up when things gt rough. Worst case, an angry mob bent on taking what they want. Remember silence is golden. If your camp is public knowledge, what’s the reason for prepping in the first place?

Survival Tip of the Day: No Stress Zone





If you find yourself in a survival scenario, one thing you’re going to have to deal with is stress. Everyone reacts differently to stressful situations. Some shine, some not so much. Group cohesiveness is imperative here. The last thing you need is for a member to loose control. While it is difficult to replicate the stress of an all out survival situation, you can turn up the heat a bit. Put your group through a series of bug out drills, culminating in a weekend stay in the field. Run full group survival discipline. Watch each member closely for signs of cracking under the pressure. Once you return to the real world you will have to make a difficult decision. If someone breaks under a mere simulation, they need to be removed from the group at once and replaced. The groups survival depends on this. A loose canon within endangers you all.

Skills, Skills, and More Skills








In forming your group, you should be looking for people with a particular set of skills. Look for those with backgrounds in the following areas: Medical (doctor, nurse, EMT), Security (military, police, special security), Communications (military, Ham), Food (specifically someone who understands diet, nutrition, and rations; water is included in this area), Mechanical (look for someone who can work on both new and late model vehicles). If you are fortunate enough to know people in these fields, great! If not, get volunteers for training in these areas. Once you have these people in place, start cross training. Everyone in your group should have a basic working knowledge of each field.