In 2005, congress passed the Real I.D. Act, and George Bush signed it into law. This requires you to carry an I.D., complete with RFID chip when implemented. Louisiana, along with 26 other states, said, “no thanks.” In January, 2013, the feds intend to crack down on those who opted out. In Louisiana, we are being told that in order to enter a federal building, we will have to have a passport or the Real I.D. Well, there is a third option. Don’t enter a federal facility period. I am a free born, sovereign, citizen of United States birth, not a subject of the government. While there is life in my body, I will never, repeat never, be implanted with, nor carry any such item. If the government doesn’t like it, they can shove it! I will live free, fight hard, and die well!


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