This nation is more divided than ever before. Our government is behind this, no doubt. But why, you may ask. Look no further than power and control. George Washington said, “government is not reason, it is a fearful servant and a dangerous master.” The internet is a buzz with talk of riots should Obama lose. Are you ready for that? If not, you need be. Think about worse case scenarios. Multiple cities on fire, murder, rape, and looting may be widespread. The government will enter the fray at some point declaring martial law. At this point you may have only one shot at escape and freedom. Perhaps I am being paranoid. On the other hand, I’ve done my homework and have reason to be. Folks, I don’t write this blog because of an incessant need to be heard. I write it in hope of helping good people survive bad situations. Hopefully you have heeded my advice and prepared. If not, do so this instant.


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