Finish Packing





Okay, let’s finish packing our bags with a few more items. First up, a small close-able box with fish hooks and line will come in handy, so pack it.  Second, a multi-tool, such as a Leatherman, SOG, or Bucktool, will prove most handy. Shoot for quality in this department, as it will pay for itself. Third up is salt and pepper. Putting taste aside, we have to have salt in order to live, so pack as much as you can within reason. Pepper, while not necessary for life, has its uses. Think red pepper here, folks, not black pepper. It is good for flavoring but has medicinal uses as well. I’ll give you two. It acts as a cauterizer for minor cuts. Sprinkle some in your shoes if you have cold feet, i.e., poor circulation. The items I’ve suggested are basics and not intended to be all inclusive. Supplement your ESKs as you see fit. Remember you have to carry and live with it.


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