Survival Tip of the Day: Pulling Water From Thin Air







Howdy, folks! Just want to thank everyone who have been viewing my blog. I will continue to keep you updated with tips and tidbits on survival.

Today, I will discuss how to acquire water when none if readily available. Materials needed:

  1. A piece of clear plastic of the type used for drop cloth
  2. Rock with enough weight to hold the center of the plastic down
  3. Digging utensil
  4. Catch basin

Dig a hole in the ground and place catch basin in the center of the hole. Spread plastic sheeting over the hole. Place earth around the edges and put the stone in the center of the plastic, so that it sags close to the catch basin. What will take place is that after a few hours condensation will have formed on the plastic, run down to the point of the stone, and dripped into the catch basin. This process works best if done overnight. It is worth the wait for the much valued prize of water. The larger the sheet and the hole, the more water you will catch. Effective even in heat waves. If you have the opportunity, practice this tactic at home.


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