Survival Tip of the Day: Fire Starters








This homemade fire starter comes from a recipe out of the old American Survival Guide Magazine no longer in print. These are the supplies needed:

  1. Cardboard egg carton
  2. Dryer lint
  3. Paraffin or candle wax

Stuff the egg carton with dryer lint. Fill each compartment. Melt paraffin or candle wax. Pour over lint until saturated. Allow to dry. Paraffin works better than candle wax in that it burns easier in wet or damp weather. You may want to set a carton on wax paper or a pan, as mixture bleeds through. Please remember paraffin is flammable, so take care when preparing.

Char cloth – this dates back to at least the mountain men and early settlers. Take a tin, such as an Altoids can, punch a small hole in one side. Next insert a piece of cloth into the tin. Once this is done close the tin and place in fire. Watch until smoke steadily come out of the hole. Remove tin and  set aside until cool. When you open the tin, the cloth should be charred not burned to ash. This is your char cloth. It will hold an ember and flame up easily with practice.


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