What’s Up With That?








I know several folks who have both the means and the ability to prepare for what may come, but won’t. Let me be polite here and say they have a contrary attitude. What do I mean by this? Simple, they feel that because they possess a fire arm there’s no reason to prep. That’s right. They are counting on you. They plan on taking full advantage of your hard work. At best, they will steal your supplies. Worst case, well you fill in the blanks. If you are going solo, it’s your choice. If others are counting on you, it’s your responsibility to defend your supplies at all costs. My advice here is a simple double tap. That’s right. Don’t be a victim. Shoot and shoot to kill. Still not convinced? Yo, what’s up with that?


Survival Tip of the Day: Man Cannot Live by Lean Meat Alone










You find yourself in a wilderness survival situation. You’re hungry and tired, so what do you eat? Rabbits. They are easy to trap or kill, so you get one. You’ve got it made, right? Wrong! They may be good for a meal or two, but after that you’ve got problems. Why? A steady diet of lean meat cannot provide all the nutrients needed to survive. Dysentery will set in, and you will grow weaker and become dehydrated. If this isn’t check, you will die. We need fat in order to survive, plain and simple. So, do we forego the lean meats? No, we learn how to acquire fatty foods in the wild.

Finish Packing





Okay, let’s finish packing our bags with a few more items. First up, a small close-able box with fish hooks and line will come in handy, so pack it.  Second, a multi-tool, such as a Leatherman, SOG, or Bucktool, will prove most handy. Shoot for quality in this department, as it will pay for itself. Third up is salt and pepper. Putting taste aside, we have to have salt in order to live, so pack as much as you can within reason. Pepper, while not necessary for life, has its uses. Think red pepper here, folks, not black pepper. It is good for flavoring but has medicinal uses as well. I’ll give you two. It acts as a cauterizer for minor cuts. Sprinkle some in your shoes if you have cold feet, i.e., poor circulation. The items I’ve suggested are basics and not intended to be all inclusive. Supplement your ESKs as you see fit. Remember you have to carry and live with it.

What’s Up With That?










The general population looks at preppers/survivalists as fringe, perhaps even as mental patients. Yet, we still try and educate them, even equip them to some extent. Why? It’s simple really. If we are wrong what have we lost? If we are right what have they lost? When, not if, things go badly, who will the unprepared run to?

Survival Tip of the Day: Practice Makes Perfect









To have a survivalist mind, you have to live the life, walk the walk if you will. In order to accomplish this, education and repetition are imperative. thin of your life’s work. How you make a living. How did you arrive at it? You studied, practiced, sweat, and maybe bled. In short, you worked for it. The things I put on this page are not just for reading. I pray you practice them until you learn them and can do them blindfolded.

First Aid Supplies









Why haven’t I mentioned first aid supplies yet? Simple…I only pack a few in my ESK. As to why, I prefer a fully paced medics bag. So, what do I put in the ESK? You will find Bandaids in varying sizes, Neosporin, Imodium AD, Musinex, antacids, along with various and sundry stainless steel surgical implements. Having a fully packed medics bag is something I highly recommend. Learn first aid. Take classes. You and your loved ones lives may depend on what you know.

What’s Up With That?








Hats off to the ladies! When I teach a class or give a talk on survival, it’s the ladies who take it to heart. The men folk make few, if any, comments nor do they ask questions. If I enter a survival situation, I want people around me who practice preparedness, who study it, and live it, not someone who assumes they have it down.